Sunday, July 15, 2012

Neighborhood Visitors

The other afternoon we had some visitors right across from the apartment. My husband came home from work, said grab your camera and follow me. I did as he asked and was surprised to see a group of elk standing on the grass across the 5 lane street out our front window. During rush hour,they negotiated the traffic and started to nibble on the trees in the grassy area there. We live 4 blocks from a nature park area,so I guess I wasn't too surprised that critters wander. They sat for a while and then got up nibbled the trees a bit more and crossed the street again to move on. The drivers stopped to let the group pass back across the street. Speaking to a neighbor also taking photos, it was a rare occurrence so we were lucky to witness their visit.There have been many forest fires nearby and most of the state is experiencing a drought as well.

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